Nicaragua on High Alert After Recent Earthquakes

Over the last 2 weeks, Nicaragua has experienced 3 serious earthquakes, the largest of which measured 6.6 on the Richter Scale (somewhere between "Noteworthy" and "High", according to the scale), and which was also felt in El Salvador and Costa Rica.  The government has placed the country on high alert and advised citizens to sleep outside until further notice, removed from the risk of shaky infrastructure, and is taking proactive measures, such as erecting tent hospitals, in anticipation of disaster.

The BBC reports that "two have died and dozens have been injured".  According to ABC News, this recent bout of earthquakes is resurfacing memories of the 1972 earthquake, when 10,000 people lost their lives, and is generating anxiety about a repeat occurrence.  The 1972 quake hit the capital city of Managua and destroyed a large part of the city.   It is possible that the fault line running under Managua has been reactivated, although that cannot be confirmed at this time.

Dos Pueblos has been in contact with our community in Nicaragua and can report that no one has been harmed in Tipitapa.  Please keep our Nicaraguan brethren in your thoughts during this time of high anxiety.