Meet our 2017 Summer Intern!

Paloma Perez

               "Social Media Intern"


Hello Everyone! My name is Paloma Perez, I am from Dominican Republic and I'm the Social Media Intern for the summer, I hope to be helpful to Dos Pueblos. I was immediately drawn to Dos Pueblos and excited to be a part of it. I wrote to Juan Martinez of Dos Pueblos because it reminds me of the work I did in my country, helping poor communities. One of those events that I remember was during our weekend, my family and I voluntarily worked in the church. As in visiting poor communities cleaning houses, bringing food, activities for kids. I am currently enrolled in an ESL program at City College. My plan for Dos Pueblos is to update the website, manage Dos Pueblos social media accounts and collaborate on what they need me to do.

I'm so excited to be working with Dos Pueblos and share with others the importance of being  a volunteer. I know that the social media is the way to get your message and your cause out to the public.


Paloma Perez