The Arco Iris team is a group of compassionate and motivated teenagers from Tipitapa who work year-round volunteering in their community to support community development and literacy. Their abilities and responsibilities are diverse, as they constantly challenge themselves and attain new skills through experience. From serving as librarians, building benches and tables, and leading workshops for other community members, the Arco Iris team demonstrates the enormous power of youth organizing. 

During delegations, the Arco Iris teens work alongside the New York delegates, forming lifelong bonds despite any language and cultural differences. Many of our New York teen volunteers describe their friendships with the Arco Iris youth as the most meaningful and impactful aspect of the Youth Delegation experience.

Many of these teens come from limiting economic backgrounds, and despite their love for learning and passion for sharing that love with children, not all of them have the resources to continue onto university-level studies upon graduating from high school. Programs supported by Dos Pueblos seek to promote the leadership skills and employability of these teens, and we hope to soon take that support a step further by funding college scholarships for these youth who make our work possible. 

If you would be interested in supporting the higher education of these empathetic and hard-working Tipitapa teenagers, please email us at

Meet the Members

The Tipitapa Team





Rosa Gomez, a Tipitapa community organizer and our Social Programs Coordinator, opened the first library supported by Dos Pueblos in her home. She, along with her children Karen and Jonathan, work tirelessly year-round to ensure that the projects and programs we support are active, useful and sustainable. They also play an important role in our delegations, coordinating our agenda and assisting with interpretations.