Our History

In 1987, an Upper West Side, New York City-based sub-committee of the Committee for Non-Intervention in Central America wrote to the Nicaraguan government requesting to be paired with a Nicaraguan city. A letter was received assigning this small group of New Yorkers to the city of Tipitapa with a population in excess of 100,000, and in May 1987 we partnered with a local non-profit, COMPALCIHT (Municipal Coordinating Council for Sister Cities Twinned with Tipitapa). In 2000, the Upper West Side-Tipitapa Sister City acquired 501(c)3 status and became Dos Pueblos. 

Over time Dos Pueblos, which in Spanish means ‘two peoples’ or ‘two towns,’ began working directly with the communities, its leaders and local government—a dynamic partnership ensued and many people-to-people exchanges later, we continue to contribute to better living standards that are based on social justice and mutual respect. As Tipitapa’s population continues to grow, our strong partnerships with the people of Nicaragua are successfully promoting sustainable development while maintaining awareness for the environment. Together, we work on projects of education, nutrition, health promotion, cross-cultural and educational exchanges, and environmental health. By strengthening relationships between our communities, we seek to move toward a partnership that is based on understanding, and diversity of perspectives and culture.