Meet the Teen Board

Following the 2015 youth delegation trip and multiple teens participating in adult board meetings, Dos Pueblos formed a youth board to help the teens, an integral part of the trips, have more of a say in the organization of the delegation. Throughout the year, they meet monthly to discuss issues of fundraising, trip planning, project managing, and more.  They also stay in touch with the Arco Iris kids throughout the year through Skype, keeping the Nicaraguans informed on any progress made in the United States, and maintaining the unbreakable friendship created during the trip.   One of the teen board's dreams is to make it possible to bring some, if not all, of the Arco Iris kids up to New York City.  With your help we can get this done!

Our Volunteer Work in NYC

Day in, day out, the Tipitapa Team gives back to their community.  Whether it be building libraries, helping with water projects, constructing eco-friendly bathrooms, or simply creating unbreakable bonds close to home, they make their community a better place on a daily basis.  But we, the New York Team, only work with them for five days every year.  Seeing their relentless and incredible year-round work ethic, we were inspired to find places to give back in our own community, New York City.

As a result, the Youth Board now works with an organization called the Friends of Van Cortlandt Park.  These passionate, invested, eco-friendly experts work to make the environment cleaner and safer through a community garden, compost program, and park maintenance.  As often as possible, we travel up to Riverdale to volunteer by processing compost or testing for water pollution.  Just as our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua do, we will continue to make a stronger impact closer to home, in addition to our work overseas.  

For more information on the work of Friends of Van Cortlandt Park, visit:  

To learn more about the teen board and their work, please email