Our Projects

Despite their love of learning, many of the Tipitapa youth volunteers who support our work have limited access to higher education due to a lack of financial resources. Donate today to provide university scholarships to these young leaders. Additionally, funds raised will be used to provide scholarships to New York teens so that youth of diverse economic backgrounds can participate in our delegations. To learn more about the NY teen board here, or the Tipitapa youth here.

Children's Libraries

Dos Pueblos promotes literacy in Tipitapa through its support of four community libraries. In recent years, the New York and Tipitapa youths have worked together to build the libraries. Throughout the year, the libraries are filled with children and the Arco Iris youth in Tipitapa keep the libraries operating. To learn more about these library projects, click here.

Many Tipitapa communities do not have convenient access to potable water. To date, Dos Pueblos has improved access to potable water for over 8,000 people. Our potable water project has not only brought about vast and observable improvements in health and hygiene, but has also provided a catalyst for community organizers to come together to address further environmental and community development issues. To learn more about these projects, click here.

Women's Empowerment

Dos Pueblos operates on a partnership model, working closely with local community members and organizations in Tipitapa. We seek to empower women by providing them with economic opportunities that allow them to support projects in their communities. To learn more about some of the incredible women who make our possible, click here.